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 Our leading competitors have a minimum of 2300.00!

We think that is insane!

 We want you to know your heritage  & keep all your limbs!

 Our Rates

25.00 By the Hour
6 hour minimum
Time frames are dependent upon the waiting list
*Rates are sometimes subject to hard-copy fees, parking fees, travel costs & mileage over 40 miles.

Types of Services

Why get caught up in a big company with a minimum of 2300.00, when New England Genealogist offers exceptional one on one research services custom tailored to your needs & budget?

Whether you are looking for living heirs or deceased ancestors,
take the opportunity now to benefit from the decades of research experience we hold.

Need Documentation?
Wondering about your roots, but not into doing it yourself?

Types of Records

Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Death Records
Church & Organization Records
Cemetery & Burial Records
Probate Court Records
– including Wills & Administrations
Superior Court Records
Supreme Court Records
Bankruptcy Records
Atlases & Maps
Town Meeting Records
Deed Records
Employment Records
Military Service Records
Town Tax Reports, & Directories
Historical Society Records
Historical Newspapers
State & Federal Censuses
Mortality Records
Immigration & Naturalization Records
Pauper & Warning Out Lists

We often visit the following types of locations in New Hampshire,
Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Vermont & Rhode Island:

County Courthouses & Registry of Deeds
NARA or National Archives Records & Administration in Waltham, MA
Town, State & Specialty Libraries, Historical Societies & Archives
Cemetery Offices
& more

We also offer other helpful services that you might benefit from such as:

Transcribing Services
Genealogical Report Writing Services
Proof Summary Reviews & Consultations
Organization Services
& more


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