John Moreshead & Mary Ann Vincent of O’Leary, PEI

First, I have to acknowledge & thank Alice (Moreshead) Grant (1930-?) the family’s earliest known Moreshead Genealogist in PEI, and especially my Aunt Phyllis (Stevenson) McGuirk who shared with me both of their notes. This has allowed me a solid base to expand upon & solidify with various sources. Without their work, it would have been an impossible task.

John Moreshead was born on June 24-25 1832-33 in Lot 32, and was baptized on Mar 19 1834 by L.C. Jenkins at St. Paul’s Church in Charlottetown, PEI[i], son of John Moreshead & Catherine Cummings. John married Mary Ann Vincent on Apr 16 1861[ii]. Mary was born on Jan 27, 1832 in New London, PEI, daughter of Robert Vincent & Mary Haywood and was baptized in Richmond, PEI at the Church of England by A.V.G. Wiggins[iii]. However, her grave stone seems to indicate she was born Jan 2 1831, although it is quite weathered.

John & Mary most likely met in West Devon, perhaps not until their late 20’s. They were married in 1861 when they were both about 29 years old. On the 1841 Census there were only 6 heads of families in the entire Lot 10. John’s father, also named John, was one of them, and he is said to be the founder of the town naming Lot 10 “West Devon”. In 1861 there were what appears to be 6 “new” heads of household who replace the other 5 from 1841. One of those “new” families is Robert Vincent, Mary’s father who apparently moved there sometime between 1841-1861. These details are obtained through research conducted by Alice Moreshead Grant, a distant cousin, who was kind enough to share her notes with my Aunt Phyllis (Stevenson) McGuirk in the 1970 & 80’s, thence they were given to myself.

Her notes state:
“Heads of households in 1841 are: John Beaton, John Moreside, Henry Thomas, John Pendergast, Henry Leard, & John Distant; Heads of households in lot 10 in 1861 are: Joseph Arsenault , Arthur Crozier, John Moorshed, Samuel Philip, John Ashton, Robert Vincent & Isaac Elliott.”

Alice’s notes further state that the information about lot 10 on the censuses is as follows:
“This township contains but few farmers, surviving in a great Meadow to the front, landed being low and swampy, there is some good land fronting on the main track. Land on and in the interior of the lot and all about 4000 acres. Several hundreds of tons of marsh hay are cut on the lot six sides of this lot. Generally, by persons residing in other townships.”

There is not a census for 1851 or 1871, but the details of John Sr can be found here[iv] & will be discussed further next week, but suffice to say for now, nearly the entire family moved to Springfield & O’Leary which is how we end up with John & Mary Ann in Knutsford, which is part of O’Leary.

John died on Jan 16 1904 in Knutsford, Prince Edward Island and Mary Ann died just four days later They were buried in the West Springfield Bapt Cemetery, PEI[v]. The story goes that they were both sick at the same time, but she was on the first floor and he on the second. They had different illnesses and didn’t want to make things worse by “sharing” them. Apparently they were very close and very much in love even after all those years. When he died they didn’t want her to know fearing she would give up and die too. So, they hoisted him out the second floor bedroom window and down the outside of the house to avoid bringing him past her room. Only it didn’t really work, despite their efforts, she died 4 days later. My grandmother told the story, as well as others in the family, but she was very young [age 3] when it happened. That said, I have every reason to believe it to be true vs “tradition”, because she lived with them in PEI and remained in the same home until she was about 12. It’s slightly possible she might have actually remembered that first hand, since it seems like something so out of the norm, but it is probably more likely she was told by older siblings &/or her parents.

John & Mary, and their son Parmenas & his family, worked & lived on a potato farm which was in the vicinity of the Knutford Cemetery and School on O’Leary Rd. I’m still in the process of trying to figure out which farm exactly. At one time in 1975, we knew when we visited but it wasn’t written down & things have changed so much, it has been a little challenging. However, the people of O’Leary are extremely helpful and current owners of the farms in the neighborhood are trying to help pinpoint which one for me.

Many of the following notes on their children are also confirmed through a letter sent to my Aunt Phyllis (Stevenson) McGuirk by J. Watson McNaught. His father, Robert Mac Naught, was born c1870, & was the husband of Emily Laura Moreshead, listed below. Robert was said to have an excellent memory. Everything the letter includes is otherwise sourced below with records, with one exception under John Watson Moreshead, and therefore this source is only noted here. Some details from John & Mary’s census records in Canada are here[vi].

John and Mary had the following children:

1. Albert Lloyd Moreshead was born on Nov 15 1863 in Knutsford, PEI and was baptized Jun 30 1864 at the United Church in O’Leary[vii]. He married Annie McKinnon[viii]. He died on Nov 19 1887 in Malden, Ma of Typhoid Fever[ix]. I show a note that he was buried in Forestdale Cemetery, Malden, MA. I’m not exactly sure how I know that. I’m thinking maybe I saw the grave one of the many times I’ve been there, but I don’t specifically remember, so I’m not promising it is there.
They had one daughter:
i. Alberta Agatha “Abbie” Moreshead born in Malden, MA on May 28 1888[x] & was baptized in PEI on Oct 14 1888[xi]. The baptism indicates she was born Jun 28 1888 in Canoe Cove, but it seems this was probably not the case given the record in Malden.
Annie remarried George T. Richards on July 16 1890 in Malden, Ma[xii]. On the 1930 Census they are found in Boston, MA with 2 children of their own[xiii].
George Richards & Abbie had:
* Ida M. Richards born May 25, 1892 in Malden, Ma[xiv]
* Dorothy Edith Adeline Richards born Feb 28 1902 in Boston, MA[xv]

2. Caroline “Carrie” Jane Moreshead was born on Jul 29 1865 O’Leary, PEI, baptized Sep 8, 1871 in Alberton, PEI[xvi]. She married George M. Pyne of Nova Scotia on Dec 7 1892 in Arlington, MA[xvii]. They are found on the 1900 Census in Cambridge[xviii] & in 1910 Arlington in 1910[xix]. She died Mar 1 1914 in Arlington, MA[xx] George Pyne removed to Bellows Falls, VT and lived there in the 1940’s.
                                                They had the following children:
     i. Albert N. Pyne born about 1894 in Massachusetts was killed in action on Jul 17 1918 & buried in Boston Globe 1921- Military Funeral and Arlington for Albert N. Pyne, Arlington, September 11 full military honors were accorded Albert N. Pyne, a member of Company K 103d Machine Gun Battalion who was killed in action in France, August [July[xxi]] 17, 1918, during his funeral and committal services here, this afternoon. The young hero, who enlisted from Bellows Falls, VT, was the son of George M. and the late Carrie M Pyne. He was 24 years old. The body lay in state in the Robbins Memorial Townhall until 3 o’clock, the hour of the service, which took place in the hall. Rev. Dr. Henry Sterling Po???,, pastor of the Arlington First Baptist Church, officiated. Following the church service the American Legion Service was conducted by Arlington Post 33 with Chaplin Minot R. Edwards in charge. The Legion post did escort duty from the hall to the grave in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Members of the post acted as bearers. Herbert F White commander of the post had charge. At the grave a squad from the Legion fired three volleys over the grave, and a bugler blew “Taps”. Flags were lowered to half staff out of respect to the memory of the World War hero.” I have a picture of him in his uniform with my grandmother.

3. Parmenas Wellington Moreshead – b. 1868 see previous

4. Mary “Priscilla” D. Moreshead was born in Jan 2 1869 in Knutsford, PEI & baptized on Sep 8 1871 in Alberton, PEI[xxii]. She moved to Malden fairly young, somewhere between 1888-1889, according to censuses[xxiii]. She married Richard Halliday on Jun 19 1901 in Arlington, also recorded in Malden, MA[xxiv]. She married 2nd George Parsons between 1920-1930[xxv]. She did not have any children, but Phyllis Stevenson would often visit & care for her[xxvi]. She died on May 10 1944 in Malden, Ma[xxvii].

5. John “Watson” Mooreshead was born about 1871-2 in Knutsford, PEI, no baptism was found for him, and for some reason he doesn’t seem to be listed on the 1881 census, instead, a “Robert” is listed as age 11. I think the name was just mistaken as they did not have a Robert, but there were at least two cousins named Robert about that age in the neighborhood [see next week’s blog]. “Watson” does appear in 1891 at age 20[xxviii]. He died at age 27 on May 6 1899 in O’Leary, PEI and was buried in West Springfield Baptist Cemetery[xxix]. He never married, and according to the McNaught notes mentioned at the top of the family sketch: “was a wonderful favorite of all the neighbors, but at the early age of 27 was stricken with pnumonia and died”.

6. Emily Laura Moreshead was born on Mar 11 1874 in O’Leary, PEI[xxx]* She died in Oct 1950 in Brae, Knutsford, PEI[xxxi]. Emily married Robert MacNaught of Carlton, PEI on Jun 12 1893 Carleton, Lot 6, he was a bachelor, bride’s residence O’Leary Road, spinster, by Henry Dickie[xxxii].
                               Robert and Emily had the following children:
     i. Rev Alexander “Roy” McNaught. b. Sep 17 1895 in Carleton bpt Feb 231902 at the United Church in O’Leary by Archibald Gunn[xxxiii]. He was US Missionary in Central America[xxxiv] .
     ii. Albert “Claud” McNaught b. Oct 22 1897 in Carleton Feb 23 1902 at the United
Church in O’Leary by Archibald Gunn[xxxv]. He was killed in WWI[xxxvi].
     iii. Inez “Ruth” MacNaught.b. May 1 1900 in Carleton bpt Feb 23 1902 at the United
Church in O’Leary by Archibald Gunn[xxxvii]. She married John Thomas Dyment
& she died bef. 1987[xxxviii]
    iv. Ada “Urrilla” McNaught b. Oct 29 1902 in Carleton bpt May 11 1905 at the
United Church in O’Leary by William McDonald[xxxix]. She married Charles Ellis & they removed to Melrose, MA having 2 children[xl]. .
v. John “Watson” MacNaught. John Watson McNaught b. Jun 19 1904 in Carleton bpt May 11 1905 at the United Church in O’Leary by William McDonald[xli]. He married Eve Palmer of Summerside on May 11 1932[xlii]. He had long successfully intertwined legal &
political careers, including Cabinet Minister. He died Dec 25 1984 a80[xliii].
    vi. Julia MacNaught b. Aug 17 1906 in Carleton bpt Sep 16 1906 at the United
Church in O’Leary by William McDonald[xliv]. She married James McKay & they lived on the old MacNaught Homestead[xlv].
vii. Robert Bruce MacNaught b. May 21 1908 in Coleman bpt Mar 17 1918 at the
United Church in O’Leary by Robert Murray[xlvi]. He married Muriel Wood & they had both
died before 1987[xlvii].

7. Minnie Ethel Moreshead born July 29 1884 in PEI – while all earlier research by extended family I’ve come across has not included Minnie – I am going to because the records indicate she believed she was the daughter of John Moreshead & Mary Ann Vincent, and perhaps she was. I don’t know. I suspect she was adopted but I could be wrong. The reasons I suspect this are: the omission of her by others, the fact that Mary Ann would have been 53 at her birth, and that she is listed as a “Lodger” with them in 1891, but a daughter in 1901.

1891 Canadian Census PEI Lot #8 John a58; Mary Ann a59, Carrie a25, Priscilla a23, Peramenus a22 [1869], Watson a20, Minnie a6 Relative to head of family “L” [Lodger ] It goes on to state she & both parents were born in PEI; Emily a19 [17]
1901 Canadian Census PEI Lot #8 John b. Jun 24 1833 a68 Head, Mary A. b. Dec 29 [27?] 1832 a69 Wife, Pernenus Nov 7 1864 a34 Son, Maud Jun 17 1872 a29 Daughter, Wilson M. Jun 24 1897 a4 Son [G. Son], Mary M. Dec 25 1888 [1897] a3 “G. Daughter”, Clara b. Dec 25 1899 a1“G. Daughter”, Minnie b. Jul 29 1884 a16 Daughter
To me it seems she could have been brought into the family before the age of 6 and was raised with them, making John & Mary the only parents she knew. Perhaps she did not even know, or perhaps I am wrong – I really don’t know for sure.

In her particular case, I’m going to put more information in this text than in the endnotes so sorting it out involves less flipping back & forth. As a side note, I want to say that it is entirely possible, in fact, extremely likely my grandmother never knew this aunt. My grandmother was born about the same time Minnie moved to the US. Then as I will show, Minnie left Massachusetts many years before my grandmother arrived in the states. That said I have a lot of my grandmother’s things I have yet to read. There still could be some hint that she did know of her in my archive collection.

A birth record was not found for her to John & Mary Ann but neither was Watson’s or Emily’s, so maybe they all got lost. In a birth record search on PEI Records & Archives, for all persons named Minnie or Ethel in 1884 nothing turned up with an exact birthdate of Jul 29 1884, but there was an Ethel Louisa Travers b. Jul 28 1884 to Thaddeus Travers & Isabella. This seemed like a little hope, but upon further investigation, it appears in 1891 that Ethel is with her parents ruling out her as our Minnie.

Minnie married Homer Leander Peck. The record in the Somerville Marriage Record Book states: Jun 22 1904 West Somerville, Homer Leander Peck, a22, first marriage, Res 41 Newbury St. Somerville, MA, meat cutter, b. Annapolis Co. Nova Scotia to John Peck & Ella Long married Minnie Ethel Mooreshead, a19, first marriage, Res 41 Newbury St. Somerville, Mass, Milliner, b. Prince Edward Island, dau of John Mooreshead & Mary Vincent, married by J. Vanor Garton, Clergyman, 113 College Ave, West Somerville, recorded June 23 1904. Incidentally, this was the same pastor who married Priscilla in 1901 [see her marriage endnote].

1910 she appears to be listed as a servant for the Clarence Whitman family in Southold NY, a25, having married 5 years before, b. Canada, parents born Canada, Imm 1902, housemaid in boarding house. Homer is listed as a Lodger with Charles A. Deyoe [?] in Brattleboro, VT in 1910, a29, married 6 yrs, b. Canada-Scotch, parents b. Can-Scotch, Imm 1900, Al, Teamster, Trucking.

1920 they are able to live together and are in Rockingham, VT on Clyde St. [?] Homer L. Head a39 Imm 1899 Al, Minnie wife a36 Imm 1900 Al , both b. Canada, all parents b. Canada, He is a laborer in Steel & wire shop. They have 4 sons: John a8 b. VT, George a6 b. VT, Albert a4 b. NH, Ernest a1y9m b. NH & a “Roomer” Clifford M. Fish a23 b. VT.

1930 Westminster, VT Oldrn St [?] Homer L. a48, m at 23 b. Can Imm 1899 al Car Inspector Railroad, Minnie E. a45 m at 20 b. Can Imm 1901 al, John H. a18 b. VT Machine shop, George I. a17 b. VT, Albert K. a15 b. NH, Ernest W. a12 b. VT, Minnie E. 3y8[?]m b. VT

1940 Bellows Falls, VT Atkinson St. Elmer L. a58 b. Nova Scotia Car Inspector Rutland Railroad, Minnie E. a55 b. Can, Albert K. a25 b. NH 1935 “R” Carroll Cty NH Laborer foundry, Ernest W. a22 b. VT Laborer foundry, Minnie E. a13 b. VT, 1935 lived North Walpole, NH. Note that George Pyne – the widowed husband of her sister Carrie, also lives in Bellows Falls, VT at this time.


Homer L. Peck d. Feb 27 1951 in Bellows Falls, VT Usual Residence Alstead, New Hampshire b. Jul 29 1881 [same month & day as Minnie] b. Nova Scotia a69, Occ Railroad, fa: John Peck mo: Ella Gray both b. Nova Scotia, Informant Mrs Homer Peck, Coronary Thrombosis – via Minnie E. Peck d. May 9 1973 Bellows Falls, VT a88 b. Jul 29 1884 b. Canada widowed Fall Mt N. Home, Informant Mrs James Haskins of Langdon, NH, parents listed as “unknown” buried Oak Hill Cemetery Bellows Falls VT on May 11 1973 – via
Homer & Minnie Peck had:
All the following records can be found on
    i. John Homer Peck b. May 28 1911 m: Phyllis Edson Barret on Dec 10 1935 in Belloes Fall, VT [also recorded in NH. He died Apr 25 1942 in Springfield, VT a30y11m3d seems like some sort of accident as he died of Uremia due to a fractured pelvis & punctured urethra. Had only been in Springfield 8 days & the accident must have happened 6 days before (original death record has Birthdate)
     ii. George Ira Peck b. Mar 31 1913 in Brattleboro, VT m: Janette Maud Green on Apr 12 1936 in Putney, VT-recorded in NH
    iii. Albert K. Peck b. Oct 12 1914 d. Jun 6 1998 in Ludlow, VT m: Mae Shafer (death record has birthdate & wife)
    iv. Ernest Watson Peck b. Mar 18 1918 Rockingham, VT; m: Eva Blanchard on Nov 4 1938 in Charlestown, NH & 2ndm: Elizabeth Frances Clough on Dec 28 1940 in Walpole, NH
    v. Male Still Birth, Bellows Falls, VT, fa b. Nova Scotia, mo b. PEI d. Aug 29, 1919 5mo preg & not viable.
    vi. Female Still Birth, Bellows Falls, VT, May 29 1920, parents born Canada, mother fell down stairs 6 wks before child was born, appeared to be dead for several weeks [birth also recorded].
    vii. Minnie Ella Peck b. Jul 27 1926 in Westminster VT m: Joseph James Haskins on Apr 2 1946 in Bellows Falls, VT, also recorded in NH

Copyright Amylynne [Baker-Santagate] Murphy, &

[i] Birth of John Moreshead: – West Springfield Cemetery, PEI reads: “John Moreshead b. Jun 25 1832 d. Jan 16 1904 and his wife Mary Ann Vincent b. Jan 2 1831 d. Jan 20 1904” [Have photo from personal visit, and will say , it is extremely weathered and hard to see]; PEI Records & Archives “John Morshead” b. Jun 24 1833 on Lot 32 [Charlottetown], bpt Mar 19 1834 by L.C. Jenkins, son of John Morshead & Catherine Cummins at St. Paul’s Church in Charlottetown, Record Book 2 Page 80, via
[ii] Marriage of John Moreshead & Mary Ann Vincent: PEI Records & Archives – was at one time found on the website, however, they have since changed it & is no longer found. Their union is proven by many other records, it is the verification of the actual date that currently poses the problem. The former address to the record was: 19767&lang=E
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[v] Burials of John & Mary Ann: West Springfield Cemetery, PEI reads: “John Moreshead b. Jun 25 1832 d. Jan 16 1904 and his wife Mary Ann Vincent b. Jan 2 1831 d. Jan 20 1904” [Have photo from personal visit, and will say , it is extremely weathered and hard to see];
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[xlv] 1977 -1987 Moreshead Reunion Notes – compiled by Alice (Moreshead) Grant – copies held by Amylynne Baker-Santagate.
[xlvi] PEI Record & Archives
[xlvii] 1977 -1987 Moreshead Reunion Notes – compiled by Alice (Moreshead) Grant – copies held by Amylynne Baker-Santagate.

Copyright Amylynne [Baker-Santagate] Murphy, &

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